Choose from a wide range of commercial wine racks

If you own a restaurant that sells a lot of wine or are in the wine business then you need a large wine rack to store or even display your wine bottles, and you can certainly choose from a wide range of commercial wine racks. You will require a wine rack or several racks that can safely store your bottles for a long time as well as display them to potential customers without any hitches.

While a personal wine rack might be able to store around 24 bottles at the most, a commercial model might need to store a minimum of at least 50 bottles. You should choose a model that not only manages to store your current collection but also has enough spare space to handle your future needs or accommodate a sudden large order. You can choose between a wood wine rack and a metal wine rack for your commercial wine storage needs. The rack that you finally choose should be extremely sturdy since you would not want to see your dream collection crash to the floor when your wine rack is filled to capacity.

If you need to display your wine collection then you will need to choose from several commercial wine racks made out of stainless steel or chrome plated steel. You can also opt for wooden racks made out of pine, redwood, or other types of attractive-yet-sturdy wood. You can opt for wooden wine racks that allow you to display the top row of your bottles at an angle while storing the other tens or hundreds of bottles in a horizontal position. Storing your bottles horizontally is extremely important since the corks of your bottles need to remain wet at all times to prevent drying and shrinkage, which in turn can allow air to seep inside the bottle and spoil your wines.

However, if you plan to store your entire collection in the cellar or basement of your establishment then you will need to opt for a wine cellar that will also need adequate temperature and humidity controlling equipment. In such a case, looks will not matter much since you will only need to store your wines for a long time in a safe manner. If your cellar is prone to excess moisture then choosing rot-free wood or coated metal wine racks that are resistant to rust would save a lot of money and hassles in the long run. There are certain models of commercial wine racks that can simply be expanded by stacking a new rack next to or over the existing one. You can go in for such models if you feel that your inventory will keep on increasing at regular intervals. However, you should remember to leave adequate space on top and on the sides of your existing rack for your expansion plans to succeed.

If you plan to deal in wines on a commercial scale by storing and displaying them in your wine store or in your restaurant then you need sturdy and attractive wine racks that can handle the load of several filled bottles without any problems. In such a scenario, you can certainly choose from a wide range of commercial wine racks that are available in select online stores so as to choose an appropriate model for your business as well as get it delivered right at the doorsteps of your establishment.