Display your wine bottles and glasses with a hanging stemware rack

Your wine collection will require exquisite glasses when you pour out your chosen wine from the bottles and you can now display your wine bottles and glasses with a hanging stemware rack. You can choose from a wide range of creative racks that are available in different designs, materials, and prices that are sure to enhance the look of your room or bar at home.

If you have installed a simple wine bottle rack or even if you have laid out an eye-catching floor wine rack or tabletop wine rack then you would have realized that you would still need additional space to store your wine glasses that need to be at hand whenever you are in the mood for some tasty wine. You could purchase or even build a wine rack cabinet to store your wine bottles as well as your wine glasses along with other wine accessories but if you have a small collection of wines or if you do not have adequate space in your kitchen, dining room, or living room for a full-fledged wine cabinet then you can easily opt of a hanging stemware rack to solve your problems.

There are several wall wine racks that also sport matching stemware racks underneath the bottle racks. However, if you truly want to display your artistic side along with your wine glasses in style then a hanging rack that displays your wine bottles along with your glasses could truly take the breath away of anyone that enters your home. You can choose from a wood wine rack that features intricately carved wood to display your glasses or a metal wine rack that uses coated steel or stainless steel wires to form creative patterns to hold your bottles and glasses in an innovative manner.

You can choose stemware racks that can hold as few as 2 bottles and 4 stem wine glasses to ones that can hold 12 bottles and 24 glasses with ease. Online stores offer a wonderful opportunity to browse through several attractive designs before you choose the hanging stemware rack that finally matches the d├ęcor of your room and pleases your wallet too. You should compare features and prices before you make an informed decision on the rack that best suits your needs. It is better to choose a larger rack even if it means a few empty slots since your wine and glasses collection could surely increase over time.

Before you rush to buy a hanging rack, you should remember to choose a rack that does not sway too much and is sturdy enough to handle its promised load. Your wine bottles also need to rest in a horizontal position to keep the corks moistened at all times. You should also ensure that there are peg stoppers installed within each row of the glass holders so that the glasses do not slide out of their slots if your rack sways a little. You should also ensure that you install the rack with care so that your bottles and glasses are securely suspended for a long time after successful installation.

A hanging rack made with great care to display intricate detail can truly enhance the look of your home and transform any room into a regal one. You can save on space in a stylish manner when you install a hanging stemware rack in your kitchen, dining room, or living room so as to display your exclusive wine collection and your exquisite wine glasses in a truly artistic way.