Start a new project to build wine cellar in your own home

If you are a budding wine aficionado that wants to start a collection of the choicest wines over a longer period of time then it is time to start a new project to build wine cellar in your own home. You can build your own wine cellar in an actual cellar or can even turn your basement or extra space in your closet into a tiny cellar provided you control all factors involved in safely storing and maturing your wines.

It is not very difficult to construct your own wine cellar since you will certainly end up saving a lot of money while also engaging in some constructive construction of your own. Wine needs just the right amount of temperature, humidity, and lighting so as to age without any interruption. If you are planning to store wine in your cellar that is always moist then it would be a sensible idea to first install vapor barriers in the form of plastic sheets on the walls and ceiling of your cellar. If possible, you can try to insulate from the outside but if that is not possible then you can still form a vapor barrier from the inside of your cellar.

Next, you will require adequate insulation to lock the desired temperature inside the cellar for appropriate wine storage throughout the year irrespective of the temperature outside. Insulation can be done with spray foam or with fiberglass sheets. The key is to maintain the temperature at a constant level between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels at between 55 to 75 percent. You might need to fit a cooling unit to maintain temperature and humidity levels and you will also need to factor in wiring and pipes before you finally install wine rack furniture in the form of a wine wall rack, a wood wine rack, an iron wine rack, or any other type of horizontal wine bottle rack or racks. You will be able to locate several blueprints on how to build wine cellar over the internet and you can choose one that matches perfectly with your own cellar, basement, or closet.

It is very important to ensure that the corks of your wine bottles remain moist from inside since a dry cork might simply shrink and allow outside air to mingle with your wine and eventually spoil your wine. It is also important to ensure that there are no other sources of heat, vibration, or odor around your wine cellar since these factors will affect wine storage and aging in an adverse manner. You can also keep a small metal wine rack in your kitchen or dining room to store wine bottles that have matured or already been opened for consumption while your main inventory remains cocooned safely in your wine cellar. You should surely take the help of an expert friend that has constructed a similar wine cellar in his or her own home so that your project starts and finishes without too many glitches.

A wine cellar built with your own hands is sure to be a place of pride and joy for yourself and your wines too. You can surely start a new project to build wine cellar in your own home so as to happily build up an impressive collection of wines that can be safely stored, aged, and consumed over time.